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Know the Facts: Eating Disorders

5 Facts about Eating Disorders

1. In a given year, 10 million femae and 1 million male Americans live with eating disorders

2. Eating disorders frequently develop during adolescence or young adulthood.

3. Men experience eating disorders just like women but are less lielly to be diagnosed because this issue is so often considered a stereotypically “female” disorder. 

4. Only 33% of people with anorexia and 6% wiht bulimia receive mental health care

5. Eating disorders are treatable with medication and therapy, including group, family and individual therapy.

If you are suffering from an eating disorder, reach out for help.


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Know the Facts:Depression

 5 Facts about Depression

1. Nearly half of all college students feel so depressed at some point they have trouble functioning.

2. Depression is more common among women than among men. 

3. Men often experience depression differently (they sometimes feel angry and/or agitated) than women.

4. Depression is highly treatable with both anti-depressant medications and therapy.

5. The earlier treatment begins the more effective it can be and the more likely that recurrence can be prevented.

If you begin to experience depression like symptoms reach out for help.

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